Check out the great line-up for the 2022 Chehalis Flying Saucer Party!

9:30 am at City Farm- Vince Ynzunza

Vince Ynzunza is a native of Washington State and has had a lifelong fascination with the paranormal from growing up with The X-Files and Unsolved Mysteries.

Vince is a researcher of the absurd and a chronicler of the astounding and he collects stories and relics from our region’s rich and weird history. He is also the producer of Pacific NorthWEIRD, a video web series that chronicles the strange, paranormal, and unusual happenings of the Pacific Northwest – covering everything from the region’s UFO history to its unofficial cryptid mascot, Sasquatch – as well as a number of topics in between such as eccentric local celebrities, strange landmarks, and paranormal activity.

Vince will be MC’ing the Flying Saucer Party at City Farm and will be presenting an update on the research he has done concerning a cryptic letter sent to Kenneth Arnold by a mysterious cult leader named Everett H. Lea.

9:30am at City Farm- Shanelle Schanz

Shanelle is the Granddaughter of Kenneth Arnold, the First Pilot of the “Modern UFO Era”, to experience a transcendent sighting of, “9 flying saucers” over Mt. Rainer on June 24, 1947. His home was Boise, Idaho where Shanelle grew up. Shanelle is a prolific writer and philosopher believing in Omnism that there is truth in all religions. Shanelle major’s in Philosophy at The College of Western Idaho. She also has a Pharmacy Technician Certificate from Clark College in Vancouver, Washington. Proud mother and wife with kids. Experienced a UFO sighting in Portland, Oregon. Loves animals and has empathy for the world. Has been a guest on shows and podcasts like ‘Universal Secrets” with Kevin Hale and a guest on “Coast to Coast” with George Noory. Also, a speaker at “The Chehalis Flying Saucer Party” in 2019.

She will do a speech about her Grandfather’s sighting and how it changed the world and collaborate with Vince Ynzunza on a fascinating presentation. Shanelle will again be a part of the Saucer Toss at the museum and meet and greet people with a display and a picture to sign for guests.

10:00am at City Farm- Bob Antone (combined ticket with Vince and Shanelle)

Bob Antone, of North Bend Washington. Bob was born into a family of storytellers with a long history in the northwest. At a young age his grandfather spoke of UFO’S, encounters with mysterious invisible beings at mountain lakes and while hopping trains cross country. As a result, Bob started collecting folk tales in 1989; researching Bigfoot and paranormal phenomenon including mysterious lights over mountains and orbs floating along river valleys. His journey for answers has taken a turn into various places. From museum archives, oral history recordings, to years spent in the company of tribal elders, among tradition bearers, historians and colleagues, Bob has compiled years of fringe and hidden information.

Currently he and his wife Laura Antone host tours around the State of Washington. Laura, a member of DENE 1st nations from Northwest Territories Canada, brings her own heritage and cultural knowledge into the realm of unexplained aerial phenomenon.

Together they operate Hidden Northwest Tours, involving an occasional walk through haunted woods or known Bigfoot hot spots.

Join us for a special presentation discussing a cultural history of the unexplained from ancient times to recent developments.

Where are these mysterious lights coming from?

Bob will discuss a variety of angles drawing upon historical knowledge, folkloric observation and scientific analysis.

11:30am at City Farm- Maurene Morgan

Maurene Morgan was appointed Washington Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) State Director in 2017 and is a member of MUFON’s Experiencer Research Team (ERT). Maurene graduated from the University of Iowa with a B.A in Communication Studies at the age of 43, and then worked for 12 years as an editorial assistant on a university philosophy journal. Media analysis—researching who controls the media and how information is manipulated to shape public opinion—has been her lifelong passion. Information about UFOs is everywhere, but deducing the truth is a challenge. She’s spent much of her adulthood deep diving into this phenomenon which, in her opinion, is the single greatest and most fascinating issue of our time. Maurene believes the evidence is overwhelming: UFOs are real and ETs are here.

In addition, Maurene spent more than 20 years exploring the world; including a circumnavigation aboard a 40’ sailboat. A small-town girl, these travels have given her a sense of being a citizen of the world, and a better understanding that UFOs are a global phenomenon.

Washington State: UFO Capital of U.S.!

If you want to see a UFO, live in Washington. Newly published research ranks the state first in number of sighting reports. It all began in 1944 when unidentified objects appeared in the sky over the Hanford nuclear site, and UFOs continue to visit the state in ever increasing numbers. Come join me to explore the mystery of why the North West holds such an attraction to these strange visitors. Maurene’s assessment may surprise you.

Maurene will be available at the Chehalis City Farm venue from Friday evening on September 16 until the event closes on the 17th for anyone who wishes to report UFO sightings, close encounters, or other anomalous phenomena. Confidentiality will be respected for those who wish to remain anonymous.

1:30pm at City Farm- Town Hall with Liminal Earth

Liminal Earth is very excited to be part of the Chehalis Flying Saucer Party. They will be hosting a Town Hall, tabling with info and merch, and hosting a live contact session using the Estes Method, made famous in the paranormal TV series “Hellier.” Join them as they call out to any Aerial Entities who may be passing overhead or swimming in the air around us.

Liminal Earth is a paranormal investigation team like no other. Team members Bex Atwood, Garrett Kelly, and Jeremy Puma maintain an online crowdsourced map of weird, amazing, and paranormal stories at The stories on the map run the gamut, from UFOs to Ghosts to Time Slips to High Weirdness, and anyone can submit their personal account. Tens of thousands of followers on social media join with Liminal Earth as they travel the PNW and beyond, documenting oddnesses with delight and whimsy.

In addition to their dedication to Liminal Cartography, they also host weekly Wednesday UFO Watch Parties (“WUFO”).According to fortean researcher John Keel, the best time to see a UFO is Wednesday at 10 PM (local time). Every Wednesday, Liminal Earth hosts a live contact session online at 8:30 PM PST, where they experiment with different methods to try to contact what they refer to as “Aerial Entities.” After each session, people from around the world go outside at 10 PM and look up at the stars. WUFO is free, open to everyone, and as accessible as possible. For more information on WUFO, visit

Liminal Earth participated in the very first Chehalis UFO Party, and created a special map of Liminal Lewis County, which can be found at

Find Liminal Earth at:

Join the Liminal Earth Society:

3:00pm at City Farm- James and Joanne Clarkson

Joanne Clarkson has had careers both as a professional librarian and then as a Registered Nurse specializing in Hospice Care. Her life-long practice has also been as a psychic medium, trained by her grandmother. Joanne reads palms and Tarot and experiences encounters with those who have crossed to the Other Side. See more at

James Clarkson worked over 30 years as a professional investigator, serving as a detective sergeant, state fraud investigator and fatal accident team supervisor. He has investigated over 2,000 UFO cases, including the June Crain story and the Westport UFO Crash. He is a lecturer, author, researcher, and UFO detective. See more at

They will be presenting:

Women and UFOs: The Psychic and the Detective

Using interviewing techniques James, the career investigator and Joanne, the psychic medium, will re-enact the stories of 4 women whose life stories illustrate diverse aspects of the UFO encounter experience.

1. June Crain Kaba worked at Wright Paterson AFB from 1942-1952. In 1997, shortly before her death, she gave James the rights to her story which included evidence of UFO craft retrievals.

2. Estella Krussel was a key witness to the Westport crash of 1979. She had perhaps the best view and deepest connection to whatever went down in the wooded hillsides over this little seaside town.

3. Mrs. Dale Spaur was the wife of Deputy Dale Spaur who chased a UFO across miles of Ohio countryside in April of 1966. Officer Spaur’s refusal to change his story about what happened destroyed their marriage and changed her life forever.

4. Frankie Rowe was a child at the time of the Roswell UFO crash of 1947. Shortly before her death in 2017, she told the Clarksons how she held a piece of the UFO metal and then was terrorized by the military.

4:30pm at City Farm- Greg Long

Greg Long is a researcher and writer with forty-five years of experience studying and writing about Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and other unusual subjects. He has contributed articles to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) Journal and to the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) International UFO Reporter. His books include Examining the Earthlight Theory: The Yakima UFO Microcosm (1990) and The Making of Bigfoot (2004). Nine Flying Objects, a biography of Kenneth Arnold, the man who ushered in the modern era of UFOs, is in process. He has a B.A. and M.A. in American literature and has worked for several engineering companies in the Pacific Northwest. He lives in Mill Creek, Washington.

Greg will be presenting: “Who was Kenneth Arnold, the man who introduced the world to Flying Saucers?” What did he see on June 24, 1947, seventy-five years ago near Mount Rainier that set the imagination of the world on fire? The modern history of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), sometimes called flying saucers, starts with Arnold’s sighting. But who was this witness and why was he believed? Greg Long reveals information about Arnold that few people know in a lively presentation based on little known facts about his roots, character, and his obsession to know the truth.

6:30pm at City Farm- Speaker Panel

Join all of the speakers for a lively talk, Q&A, and general discussion about 75 years of flying saucers. This event will be moderated by Vince Ynzunza.